Sunday, August 24, 2008

A whole month?!?!

How did that happen? I guess a week went by and then another and then two more! oh well, My blog is inconsequential anyway. So I have not read any books this last month. I have started one, and I even like it, but life got busy and then the olympics, and I just haven't read much. Tomorrow I am probably going to get the latest Twilight book, Breaking Dawn, is that the name of it? so by Friday I should have that one in the bag.

I have been busy working and trying to find a car cheap enough that runs well enough for us. There are some amazing vehicles out there. Most of which are out of our price range, but even the ones that are can be interesting! We found a 78 Civic, looked cool but was won on ebay by a collector. I wasn't pay too much for one of those. I even put a bid in for one of my dream cars. it was a 2006 Jaguar XKR it was a convertible, I prefer hardtop, but I didn't win that one either. Oh well, the search goes on.

Olympics... We only get NBC so I missed a bunch from the other networks, of which I am most disappointed in not seeing was the Handball. I know only a little bit about the sport but it looks really fun. and really cool! I read somewhere that it is like the number two or three team sport in the world behind Soccer. I wish the US had more of that around. good workout, fun, exciting, challenging, tons of action, lots of scoring! what more to sports is there? OK I guess that is enough for the Handball.

I also have received a new assignment in church. I am now the Ward Mission Leader. I am replacing a Former Mission President, but I am super excited about it, and I am looking forward to doing things a little differently, but hopefully just as well! That is also a bit of a vampire for my time. I don't mind, it just is.

I got a comment on the last post from and old friend about boys blogging. I realize I am in the minority. Most of you reading this are probably women. I recognize that typically it is the woman in the family that would do one of these blog things. Well... I don't care. I like it. Mostly I like trying to find obscure pictures for the top of my blog. It also is a way for me to communicate with my wife and family. I know that sounds dysfunctional, and well, it is, but I don't get cut off here, (mom) I don't get interrupted, (kids, they are asleep), and I can re-read things and then delete the things I shouldn't say or don't sound right, (wife). Now tell me, what man wouldn't love to be able to use the delete key in a few conversations with his wife! NONE, we all would! So Becky, I am happy you found my blog, I appreciate it even more you made a comment, and welcome more. BUT, Blogging is not just for girls. I can be a manly guy and still keep a blog!