Sunday, April 5, 2009


So I got a job offer this last week. I have actually been given a few job offers but for some reason this one is more appealing than any other. It is for the most money, but that isn't the only reason. It is in the booming MEGA METROPOLIS of Falmouth. Population 2500. It is cute and little and chiropractic has a great reputation there. It is the only Chiro in the county. The chiropractor that was there a few years ago was also the Mayor of the town! I think that is kinda cool. Anyway. We are still debating and pondering and praying about weather or not this is a good thing. We may or may not move, if we did Cold Springs looks like it is at the top of our list. so it may or may not be a long commute. sorry this is so short. thought it had been awhile.
thanks for checking me out!