Monday, May 26, 2008

Title pictures

April asked where I got the pictures that go behind the title. I get almost all of them from Google images. Usually the pictures have something to do with the most recent post. this one not included. That is the answer. Google images.

Bye Bye Blues

OK, so the blues are over. I still hate job searching but I decided that I could choose to either be bummed or not.

Anyway. I am excited about going back to California and that is what is most prevalent in my mind right now.

I also had something funny happen to me. I was over at my in-laws house and I was playing with Holly in the sand box. I saw a little blueish ball over on the ground by some trees and went to go check it out. It looked like it was a little easter egg. It was the most beautiful blue color. I am pretty sure it was a robin egg. I saw some little white scratches on it and then I saw a little dent with a few cracks in it. I thought that is weird that a plastic egg would have those little cracks in it, mostly plastic eggs just dent, not dent and crack. It was so light it didn't weigh anything. I didn't think it could have been real. So I pushed around the dent a little and my finger went "squish" into what looked like an unfertilized egg. Thankfully there wasn't a bunch of bones and flesh, that would have been nasty! So I chucked the egg over the fence like every good neighbor does. I did look around for a little bit for a nest or other eggs but never saw anything. It was really random. How on earth does an unfertilized robin egg get on the ground near a sandbox.

The other funny thing that has been happening almost daily has been Holly. We are still teaching Holly to go potty, She is pretty good only has accidents once in a while. She almost never has a poop accident. She will go sit on the toilet and then makes a lot of noise. I have never heard such things before especially from my beautiful little girl. So after she is done she says "I'm all done" which is the cue for either Sharon or I to come and do the rest of the clean up. Then we flush and wash our hands. The funny part comes right before we wash our hands. Holly likes to flush the toilet, and when she sees the magic of the toilet happening she says to it "Bye Bye Poo Poo, We'll see you tomorrow" it is very cute.

thought this would be a good place to publish that.

Friday, May 23, 2008


I got the blues. I got the blues
I got the aint got no job blues
I got the I hate looking for jobs to pay the bills blues real bad blues.

Now go back and read that in your best blues sing song voice.

ok so really it isn't that bad but I really do hate looking for jobs. IF anybody has got a suggestion for something to do until I get licensed as a Chiropractor in Dec. let me know. I basically need and extended summer job. or what are the good job listing websites?

This is supposed to be an exciting time of life. I should be all excited about graduating and becoming a productive member of society but instead I am filled with dread. I can't do what I have been trained to do. It sucks. Graduation or not it isn't really "all that" right now

Saturday, May 17, 2008


I was in the library this last Monday at lunch I needed a new book. The picture of the old lady is L.M. Montgomery. she wrote Anne of Green Gables. It is a good book. it is one of those books that We have had on the shelf and I never read. Well, I have read it now and I even started the next in the series, but then I had an overwhelming desire to read something more manly. Thus my lunchtime trip to the La Grange public library. I didn't have much time so I just walked down the first row I saw of fiction. I picked up on novel almost got it then walked a few more steps and WAH-LAW !! There it was Bram Stokers Classic! I am about half way and I can feel the manliness starting to come back. (nothing big yet happening, but really close I can tell). So there is my latest book news.

I also got back from the APCC (pronounced A.P. double C, as me an one other have dubbed it) today. For anyone not in the know that is the Aaronic Priesthood Commemoration Camp-Out. Yeah I realize we left off the "O" but that didn't sound right or needed. Anyway, I camped out under the stars for the first time and had a really good time. Thanks to all that encouraged me to go. The stars we're mostly covered by trees and the birds woke me up this morning way to early but they were so pretty I didn't even mind. Overall, I really enjoyed the beautiful world we live in. Everyone should live in KY.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

What a day to celebrate. This morning we celebrated by waking up to Holly yelling "DAD-DY". So off I go running up the stairs at 9 minutes after 7. Pretty good really for both of our children to let us sleep in that late, but then on my way into Holly's room I heard the severe weather warning system start beeping in our room. For anyone who doesn't know what that is, ( I didn't before we moved to KY), it is basically a very loud annoying alarm system that is hooked up to a weather radio station, when big storms, tornadoes, floods, earthquakes etc... come into our county or one of the nearby ones we get warned. So what a lovely way to start mother's day.
Thanks to all those wonderful women who have sacrificed so much of their personal lives in order to nurture, love, and make us as a society better.
To my own mother I wish to offer my eternal gratitude for teaching me the important eternal truths.
To the mother of my children I am humbled each day by your patience and love and all the things you do to make our children's lives wonderful. I love you!

Thunder is really coming now, gotta go!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

new book

So I said I would post again when I started a new book. I have been lazy and not gone to a library or bookstore so I have to scrounge around the house looking for books I haven't read. I found one but I'm a little embarrassed about it. So, I will include a picture of the author and if anyone knows who she is then I will post that I am reading a book by her. However I don't want guesses, I want proof that you know who she is. That is my challenge to you all! BWAA HA HA

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Book Review

It seems like I only post when I finish a book. But I honestly do have other things going on in my life besides reading. I finished a little book of short stories called Buckskin Run by Louis L'Amour. it is a bunch of westerns. It is a genre i do enjoy but fell like when ever I read them I start talkin wif bad gramars and a thick drawl. I also usually feel like camping, hunting, or drinking after I read them. Well maybe not the drinking but i think you got the idea. I have read a few other things by L'Amour and most of his stuff is really good. I still have the image of one scene in one of his books stuck in my mind. A person was being tortured and a one inch wide strip of skin was "skinned down the front side and then up the back from head to foot and back up. The way it was detailed I could really feel it. it was gruesome but fun to read, (the bad guy deserved it). anyway... maybe when I start my next book I will post again.