Saturday, July 25, 2009


I should be exhausted. I don't know why I am not. Today, this week, this month have been draining. We went to the temple this morning, which is peaceful but also included 3 hours of driving (hour and a half each way). Then put the kids to bed and had a 20 min dip in the hot tub. So that leads me to updating my blog.
We are now in our first home. We have got almost everything unpacked and not much of anything on the walls. We want to paint but are a little indecisive about colors. Any suggestions would be appreciated, send pics of your house. We live in a home in Alexandria Kentucky. We are in a subdivision, it is mostly finished but there are still some empty lots here and there. We have almost half an acre. It backs up to a wooded area so no neighbors behind us. there is one of the empty lots to one side and a nice lady next door. It is about 25 minutes to work and about 35 to church. I love where we live. I really enjoy a small commute. but more than 35 min gets to be too long in my opinion.
The fun really started after we moved in. We gave the kids a bath and then got water spots on the ceiling underneath. It turned out to be something minor and I re-caulked the tub and there have been no more problems. The toilets had a weird flushing problem that I finally figured out and got fixed for 3 bucks and about 10 min. The hot tub was in really bad shape. It was NASTY. I had to drain it twice. Then when I did turn the power back on it wouldn't work. After flipping the power a few times it decided there was no problem after all. So that is in good shape now. Sharon changed all the locks. I was very proud. There are some minor issues with the design but they keep the bad guys out, so check that one off the list. The dryer cord had to be replaced, the washing machine pad was replaced (was actually difficult). and the big thing was the refrigerator. After about a week and a half of living here I noticed the milk wasn't that cold. so I flipped the dial and waited. The next day it was worse so I flipped it the other way... still bad. So we looked online and found if you unplug it for a day it will be fine. It was. Hallelujah. but then went bad again two weeks later. We called Dr. Phil the repairman out. he fixed it and also gave Sharon a lesson on how to make marriage work. that was weird.
Sharon and I take turns mowing the lawn. It takes about an hour, and I kind of enjoy it, for now. It is a cool feeling to be mowing MY lawn. Oh yeah the iris ladies came through and I have probably close to 150 different kinds of iris'. I need to get them planted, and if the rain stops I will next week. We also will be getting about 40 different kinds of Lillies. They should all look very nice in the spring. The other garden stuff that I am excited about is the thorn less blackberries. I will get about 5 chutes and hopefully they will be very fruitful!
Work is still going great. We are doing the right things and I am getting a reputation for being a good doctor. That is really cool and when we get a little more busy I will be much happier.
Holly turns 4 in about 2 weeks. I can't believe it. Life is rolling along.