Sunday, February 22, 2009

No Itch

We did it! We made it to the 7 year mark. I don't know how Sharon has put up with me for so long but she did. I am thankful for her and appreciate her for all that she does for me. She has been my support and confidant, She has been my best friend and play mate. She has mothered two children and mothers three daily.
In our 7 years together we have lived in 8 homes in 5 cities in two states. We have moved across the country and across town. We have moved little children and a little cat. we have moved from palm trees and perfect weather to a land of monthly power outages and snowstorms, ice storms, tornadoes, humidity, and worst of all BUGS! She has been happy and loving to our children through it all.
We have also doubled our family size in the last 7 years. we went from a happy couple to a fearsome foursome. We have a three and a half year old who knows everything and a 15 month old that is the mini version of a 10 man demolition unit. We also have the perfect cat that only occasionally yacks on our bedroom carpet. We still have very supportive parents, in-laws, and siblings that we have grown to love more all the time. We both have lost a grandfather but feel grateful for knowing them and know that they will both be there in the world to come to welcome us Home.
When we were married I had been laid off of work 2 weeks earlier. Sharon was working and was supportive to the fact that I would get another job. She didn't realize that 7 years later she would still be waiting for me to start my career. She is so patient. I changed majors twice but eventually earned a doctorate degree and then passed the national board exams. It will be only a matter of weeks until I will be able to be the supporter and husband she saw in me seven years ago. Her patience is inspiring.
We look different too. I have dyed my hair at least 3 times, permed it and gained or lost up to 45 pounds. Sharon has had 5 different haircuts, and gone from her cute little petite self to her "get outta my way" pregnant self and back down again. We have dieted and binged together. We have exercised and been lazy. We have both learned to love new foods, both healthy and less than healthy. It has been fun.
We grown together too. she has been patient while I learned to overcome flaws, as I have with her. We have been forgiving, mostly her, she is almost perfect. We have learned to compromise. I have learned to communicate more freely about my emotions and wants and desires. She has learned to give me an hour or two when I need it.
I love my wife so much more now than I did 7 years ago. I can only imagine how sad and lonely I would be with out her. I could not have done any of the thing I have done in the last 7 years with out her. She is best wife for me. She compliments and strengthens me in every way. She is my perfect match. I don't have the 7 year itch at all. I want another 7 years and then 7 more for eternity!
I love you Sharon!