Saturday, March 13, 2010

whoa long time

I guess I kinda forgot I had a blog.

Today Sharon and I got a new car. Well it is not new but it is new to us. It is a Honda Accord LX coupe. Ours pretty much looks like the one in the picture but we have upgraded rims, fog lights and tinted windows! It is really fun and looks WAY WAY better then the 91 Dodge Spirit I had been driving. I am so lucky, proud, humbled, excited, to have a wife that loves to wheel and deal. So far she hasn't used those skill on me, but She haggled and stood up and walked out and did got us a great deal.

I got a bowling ball for free from a local bowling alley and possibly recruited a new patient. I will use the ball in my office for a visual aid/teaching aid. The owner of the alley said that somebody dropped the ball off and that he probably wouldn't use it. It was made by some company that went out of business 30 years ago. The ball even says BERT on it. It is perfect.

I also went to one of my new favorite stores. Disc N Dat. It is a Disc golf store that also sell a bunch of hippie stuff. I like it for the disc golf. I got a new disc that I am excited about and hope that it will improve my game. It is a new sport for me but I REALLY like it. It is a ton of fun. There is probably a course near you and you didn't even know it!

I also got a few little things at wal-mart.

All in all, a good day.

oh yeah, the whole time we were gone we had a good friend watching the kids. Sharon and I actually got to see each other in daylight hours without children climbing our legs. it was AWESOME!


Anonymous said...

You're awesome.

Julie J. said...

Wow Brad, nice car... I think you should say "frisbee"... But that could just be me.

Big Brad said...

not a frisbee. a disc golf disc.

Nicole said...

Hey Guys!!! Where ya been?? I checked Sharon's blog too, but no. No updates! Not judging that's for sure. I've been a big blog slacker too! Your updates make me laugh and makes me miss the Hartung's. Let us know when you'll be through UT next (not likely soon, I'm sure, but...) so we can get together. Later!